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For more information about the News In Korean series, please visit

Improve your Korean reading and listening skills with news articles written in Korean! You will receive 6 news articles each week, all of which are read by native speakers at 3 different speeds. The news articles will be delivered to you digitally twice a week, via e-mail.

What You Will Get

Every Tuesday and Friday, you will receive an e-mail containing the news articles.
You will receive 3 short news articles each time. (6 articles a week!)
You can listen to each article at 3 different speeds. (Slow, Normal and Fast)
You can study the articles in depth with the accompanying e-book. (PDF and E-Pub)

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My Weekly Korean Vocabulary (book 2)

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In this episode of How Do You Say This In Korean?, we are going to take a look at how to say "You cannot have it all." This expression can have a very broad meaning and the specific meaning can depend on the situation, but there is a phrase that you can say in Korean quite naturally. Watch the video lesson above to learn how to say that in Korean.

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