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A: Did you call him?
B: Who? That mouse-like guy? No way! I hate him.
Which of these words were covered in today’s Q&A?

The questions Hyunwoo answered are:
- What is the difference between 연락하다 and 전화하다?

- What is  the difference between 미워하다 and 싫다?
- Why do Koreans sometimes write 돼요 as 되요 ?
- What is the difference between 같은 and 처럼?

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하드 캐리?! What the heck does that mean?! Cassie explains this phrase, which is particularly popular recently, and how it is used in daily conversations. Have you seen it in use before?
Before watching the video and listening to Cassie’s explanation, what was your guess? Did you guess the meaning of this expression correctly?

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We are about to have a really….REALLY long holiday in Korea for Chuseok. All government facilities will be shutting down for a total of 10 days (6 business days) which is great for the workers to get some rest, but not so good for people expecting mail. If you plan on ordering from the TTMIK store soon, please be aware of the delays!  If you're curious as to why the holiday is so long, please watch the video!

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"Hanja(한자, 漢字)" refers to Chinese characters that are used in Korean, and even if you don't actually know how to read and write the Hanja characters themselves, knowing Hanja-based words will exponentially increase your Korean vocabulary, since many Korean words are based on these Chinese characters.

Over the past few years, we have received many questions like these and here are our answers.

Q: Do Korean people really know thousands of Hanja?
A: Many of them do! And most people can at least read and understand hundreds of Chinese characters but they may not be able to write everything from memory.

Q: Will knowing these Hanja characters actually help with my Korean vocabulary?
A: Definitely! Learning Hanja can be compared to learning Latin and Greek word roots when learning English, but much easier and much more applicable to everyday usages.

Q: So, even if I don't actually memorize Hanja characters, studying Hanja can still help me improve my Korean?
A: Yes! Studying Hanja will help you develop a sense of understanding and even guessing the meaning of new words you encounter for the first time!

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How do you say “Who am I kidding?” in Korean? Teacher Kyung-hwa will introduce this very useful phrase to you in today’s video. You can watch more one-minute lessons here:

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A: From now on I’m just going to live inside a cave.
B: I see.
Which of these words were covered in today’s Q&A?

The questions Hyunwoo answered are:
- What is the difference between 안에 and 속에?

- Why does the ㅅ in 존댓말 sound like a ㄴ ?

- What is  the difference between 오늘부터 and 앞으로?
- What is the difference between 모르다 vs. 모르겠다 and 알다 vs. 알겠다

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We met Joe Zellers at our booth at the Seoul International Book Fair and were impressed with his Korean skills! We found out he works a non-teaching job here and decided to invite him into our studio for an interview. Want to learn how to get a job in Korea? Watch the video for some awesome tips!

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“The boy and girl were too shy to speak, so they just finished their group project and went home quickly.” Can you pick out what parts of this sentence we covered in today’s Q&A?

The questions Hyunwoo answered are:

- What is the difference between 끝나다 and 끝내다?

- What is the difference between ~와 and ~하고?

- Is the a big difference between 수줍다 and 부끄럽다?

- What is the difference between ~만, ~뿐 and 그냥?

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Teacher Jooyeon will introduce how to say “That sounds great.” in Korean in this video.

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Hyunwoo took 10 years to graduate college! What could be the reason? Does he really love school so much that he wanted to stay forever? Is he some sort of doctor now?

Actually, it’s neither. Watch the video to find out the truth, and why it is common for Korean students to spend several years in college.

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