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[Ask Hyojin] What does "역시나" mean?

Do you know what 역시나 means?

역시나's original form is 역시
역시 or 역시나 basically means "I knew it!" "That's what I thought." "as expected"
You can use them interchangeably in most cases.
But when you use the word 역시 to say "That's my ____!" "What you've done is just as good as I expected!" you can't use 역시나 instead of 역시.
Hyojin also explains the expression "혹시나 했더니 역시나..."
Enjoy the video and find out what the means!

Vocabulary and sample sentences introduced in this video :
혹시나 했더니 역시나 ...
역시 우리 아빠야.
우리 아빠가 최고야!

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