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[Catch The Wave] Fun Audio Clips by Listeners - 23 Nov 2012

Every Friday at 6:00 PM (GMT+9) on Arirang Radio, you can hear Hyunwoo join Adrien Lee's radio show "Catch The Wave" and the segment is called "K-Talk with Hyunwoo" - where Adrien and Hyunwoo talk about and explain a couple of Korean expressions that are interesting to Korean learners. You can listen to the show live and check out the updates about the show at

In this segment, Hyunwoo and Adrien listen to some fun audio clips sent in by the listeners from all over the world. To participate, please make a short audio recording of your favorite Korean expression or your favorite line from a Korean drama, song, or movie and send the file to : )

Every week, after the show airs on the radio, we'll also post the video here on TalkToMeInKorean's channel, so stay tuned!

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