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In today’s video the Ladies of TTMIK explore the biggest shopping mall in Korea, Starfield in Hanam! Come along with Joo-yeon, Kyeong-eun and Kyung-hwa as they walk around the different floors of this enormous shopping complex and comment on their surroundings while speaking Korean with natural conversational flow. Be sure to listen well!

This mall is huge and you can find everything from Korean fashion, western fashion, interior products, electronics, toys, and more! Can you believe there are even 2 Starbucks coffee shops inside the mall? Maybe by the time you make it to the 2nd one you will be so tired, you’ll need another pick-me-up? We can only guess.

Have you ever been to Starfield? Did you see the whole place in one day? Did you have a favorite shop? If you enjoyed this video, and if you have suggestions for new videos, please let us know down in the comments!
Happy studying~

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