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When was the last time you had some fun times at the beach? In this week's Describe This Picture lesson, Hyunwoo Sun describes a photo of a beach in 5 Korean sentences. Learn some new Korean words and sentence structures by watching this video!


Key Sentences

파도가 세게 치고 있어요.

= Strong waves are hitting the shore.


사람들이 신발을 안 신고 있어요.

= People are not wearing their shoes.


사람들의 그림자가 두 시 방향으로 져 있어요.

= Their shadows are cast in the two-o’clock direction.


모래사장 위에서 사람들이 비치 발리볼을 하고 있어요.

= On the sandy beach, people are playing volleyball.


날씨가 더운지 남자 두 사람은 셔츠를 벗었어요.


= Perhaps because the weather is hot, two people are shirtless.


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