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How do you say “I am angry.” in Korean?
= 저 화났어요. [jeo hwa-na-sseo-yo.] 
How do you say “How do you find Facebook? Do you like it?”in Korean?
= 페이스북 어때(요)? [pe-i-seu-buk eo-ttae-(yo)?] or 페이스북 어떤 것 같아(요)? [pe-i-seu-buk eo-tteon geot ga-ta-(yo)?]
좋아(요)? [jo-a-(yo)?]
How do you say “How long have you lived in England?” in Korean?
= 영국에 온 지 얼마나 됐어요? [yeong-gu-ge on ji eol-ma-na dwae-sseo-yo?]
or 영국에 얼마나 살았어요? [yeong-gu-ge eol-ma-na sa-ra-sseo-yo?]
How do you say “Do you remember me?” in Korean?
= 저 기억하세요? [jeo gi-eo-ka-se-yo?] or 저 기억나세요? [jeo gi-eog-na-se-yo?]
How do you say “I think I like you.” in Korean?
= [casual] 나 너 좋아하는 것 같아. [na neo jo-a-ha-neun geot ga-ta.]
[polite] 저 OO 씨 좋아하는 것 같아요. [jeo OO ssi jo-a-ha-neun geot ga-ta-yo.]
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