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How do you say “I'm (just/so) curious.” in Korean?

= 그냥/너무 궁금해요. [geu-nyang/neo-mu gung-geu-mae-yo.]

How do you say “Do you dream often?” in Korean?

= 꿈 자주 꿔요? [kkum ja-ju kkwo-yo?]

How do you say “I'm one of the avid listeners of How Do You Say This In Korean.”in Korean?

= 저는 How Do You Say This In Korean 애청자예요. [jeo-neun HDYSTIK ae-cheong-ja-ye-yo.]

How do you ask for more of the staple items such as lettuce, paste etc at the Korean barbecue restaurant?

= 저기요. 상추/쌈장 좀 더 주세요. [jeo-gi-yo. sang-chu/ssam-jang jom deo ju-se-yo.]


How do you say “Hello. Can I speak to Mr. Lee?” in Korean?

= 여보세요. Mr.Lee랑 통화할 수 있을까요? [yeo-bo-se-yo. Mr.Lee-rang tong-hwa-hal su i-sseul-kka-yo?]

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