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How do you say “I love my brother-in-law.” in Korean?

= 저는 우리 형부를 사랑해요. / 저는 우리 제부를 사랑해요.

How do you say “Is where you live far from Seoul?” in Korean?

= 사는 곳이 서울에서 멀어요? / 사는 데가 서울에서 멀어요?

How do you say “Speaking of...” in Korean?

= ... 얘기가 나와서 말인데 / 말이 나와서 말인데

How do you say “This is my family/mother/father/brother etc.” in Korean?

= 저희 (__any kinship term__)이에요/예요.

How do you say “How are you?” in Korean?

= 잘 지냈어(요)?

How do you say “I need my coffee fix.” in Korean?

= 커피가 필요해(요).

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