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How do you say "Can I call you oppa?" and "Can I call you unnie?"  in Korean?
= 오빠라고 불러도 돼요? [o-ppa-ra-go bul-leo-do dwae-yo?]
언니라고 불러도 돼요? [eon-ni-ra-go bul-leo-do dwae-yo?]
How do you say "I miss my family." and "I am not okay." in Korean?
= 가족들이 보고 싶어요. [ga-jok-deu-ri bo-go si-peo-yo.]
안 괜찮아(요). [an gwaen-cha-na-(yo).]
How do you say “I don't eat meat, fish and eggs. I am a vegetarian.” in Korean?
= 저는 고기, 생선, 계란 안 먹어요. 채식주의자예요.
[jeo-nuen go-gi, saeng-seon, gye-ran an meo-geo-yo. chae-sik-ju-ui-ja-ye-yo.]
How do you say “I am going to walk the dog.”in Korean?
= 개/강아지 산책시킬 거예요. [gae/gang-a-ji san-chaek-si-kil geo-ye-yo.]
How do you say “I can't wait for the next episode.” in Korean?
= 다음 회/에피소드가 너무 기다려져요. [da-eum hoe/e-pi-so-deu-ga neo-mu gi-da-ryeo-jyeo-yo.]
다음 회/에피소드 빨리 보고/듣고 싶어요. [da-eum hoe/e-pi-so-deu ppal-li bo-go/deut-go si-peo-yo.]
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