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How do you say “It's none of your business.” in Korean?

= 상관하지 마. [sang-gwa-na-ji ma.]

Or 네가 상관할 일이 아니야. [ne-ga sang-gwa-nal i-ri a-ni-ya.]

How do you say “That is a little rough.” in Korean?

= (그건) 너무 심하다. [(geu-geon) neo-mu si-ma-da.]

How do you say “After you.”in Korean?

= 먼저 (__verb stem__)(으)세요. [meon-jeo (__verb stem__)(eu)-se-yo.]

How do you say “I do not feel too good today.” in Korean?

= [physically] 오늘 몸이 좀 안 좋아요. [o-neul mo-mi jom an jo-a-yo.]

[emotionally] 오늘 기분이 좀 별로예요. [o-neul gi-bu-ni jom byeol-lo-ye-yo.]

How do you say “I don't eat meat and sea food.” in Korean?

= 저는 고기랑 해산물 안 먹어요. [jeo-neun go-gi-rang hae-san-mul an meo-geo-yo.]

How do you say “How many people are you?” in Korean?

= 몇 분이세요? [myeot bu-ni-se-yo?] 

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