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How do you say “Are we on the same page?” in Korean?
= OO 씨도 저랑 같은 생각이죠? [OO ssi-do jeo-rang ga-teun saeng-ga-gi-jyo?]
How do you say “How can I get in touch with you?”in Korean?
= 어떻게 연락하면 될까요? [eo-tteo-ke yeol-la-ka-myeon doel-kka-yo?]
How do you say “What do you do?” in Korean?
= 무슨 일 하세요? [mu-seun il ha-se-yo?]
How do you say “I can't help it.” in Korean?
= 어쩔 수 없어요. [eo-jjeol su eop-sseo-yo.]
How do you say “Please don't go!” in Korean?
= 가지 마세요! [ga-ji ma-se-yo!]
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