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How do you say “Maybe.” in Korean?

= 아마 / 아마도

[a-ma] / [a-ma-do]

How do you say “I like you.” in Korean?

= 나(는) 너(를) 좋아해. / 나는 네가 좋아.

[na-(neun) neo-(reul) jo-a-hae.] / [na-neun ne-ga jo-a.]

How do you say “Good morning!” in Korean?

= 안녕하세요! / 안녕! / 좋은 아침!

[an-nyeong-ha-se-yo!] / [an-nyeong!] / [jo-eun a-chim!]

How do you say "Take care." and "Have a nice trip!" in Korean?

= 안녕. [an-nyeong] / 잘 가. [jal ga.]

여행 잘 갔다 와. 

[yeo-haeng jal gat-da wa.]

How do you say “Where in Korea are you from?” in Korean?

= 서울 어디에서 왔어요?

[seo-ul eo-di-e-seo wa-sseo-yo?]

How do you say “You're the best.” in Korean?

= 네가 최고야.

[ne-ga choe-go-ya.]

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