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How do you say “Do whatever you want.” in Korean?
= 마음대로 하세요. [ma-eum-dae-ro ha-se-yo.]
How do you say “Can you please give this to (name)?”in Korean?
= 이것 좀 (name) 씨한테 전해 주시겠어요? [i-geot jom (name) ssi-han-te jeo-nae ju-si-ge-sseo-yo?]
How do you say “I can do it.” in Korean?
= 할 수 있어요. [hal su i-sseo-yo.]
How do you say “I came here with my cousin.” in Korean?
= 사촌 (any kinship term)(이)랑 같이 왔어요. [sa-chon (any kinship term)(i)-rang ga-chi wa-sseo-yo.]
How do you say “as for me” in Korean?
= 저는 [jeo-neun]
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