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How do you say “Would you like to grab a bite or have a meal?” in Korean?

= 밥 먹을래? [bap meo-geul-lae?] (informal)

식사하시겠어요? [sik-sa-ha-si-ge-sseo-yo?] (formal)

How do you say “What are you talking about?” in Korean?

= 무슨 말하는 거야? / 무슨 얘기하는 거야? 

[mu-seun ma-ra-neun geo-ya?] / [mu-seun yae-gi-ha-neun geo-ya?]

How do you say “What do you mean?” in Korean?

= 무슨 뜻이에요? / 무슨 말이에요? 

[mu-seun tteu-si-e-yo?] / [mu-seun ma-ri-e-yo?] 

How do you say “I can speak Arabic.”in Korean?

= (저는) 아랍어 할 줄 알아요. 

[(jeo-neun) a-ra-beo hal jul a-ra-yo.]

How do you say “I'm so busy right now.” in Korean?

= (저) 지금 너무 바빠요. 

[(jeo) ji-geum neo-mu ba-ppa-yo.]

How do you say “You are a luncky/unlucky person.” in Korean?

= 너는 운이 좋은/나쁜 사람이야. 

[neo-neun u-ni jo-eun/na-ppeun sa-ra-mi-ya.]

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