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Have you heard people calling others 오빠 [oppa], 누나 [nuna], etc in Korean before? If you were not sure how these terms work, this video will make it easy to understand for you!

[[ Vocabulary ]]
형 [hyeong] = older male for males
누나 [nu-na] = older female for males
오빠 [o-ppa] = older male for females
언니 [eon-ni] = older female for females
동생 [dong-saeng] = younger person
여동생 [yeo-dong-saeng] = younger female person
남동생 [nam-dong-saeng] = younger male person

In Part 2 and 3, we are going to cover the terms used among family members, such as "grandfather, uncle, aunt, niece," etc.

Stay tuned!

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