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Korean Vocabulary Starting with "ㅈ"

Korean Vocabulary Starting with "ㅈ" - Can you think of some more? Like this series and want to see more coming? Please support us with the video production! ▶

진석진 [jin-seok-jin] Seokjin Jin
자전거 [ja-jeon-geo] bicycle
잔디밭 [jan-di-bat] lawn
전구 [jeon-gu] light bulb
저울 [jeo-ul] scale
제자리 걷기 [je-ja-ri geot-gi] marching in place
정수기 [jeong-su-gi] water purifier
전기 코드 [jeon-gi co-deu] electric cord
조수미 [jo-su-mi] Sumi Jo
죠리퐁 [jyo-ri-pong] Jolly pong
주차장 [ju-cha-jang] parking lot
주윤발 [ju-yun-bal] Zhou Run Fa
중독 [jung-dok] addiction
줄자 [jul-ja] tape measure
줄다리기 [jul-da-ri-gi] tug-of-war
저격수 [jeo-gyeok-su] sniper
지도 [ji-do] map
지하철 노선도 [ji-ha-cheol no-seon-do] subway map
지옥철 [ji-ok-cheol] (slang) crowded subway

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