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Korean Vocabulary with Pictures - #5 (Cheek, Chin, Shoulder, Hand grip, Advertisement)

Welcome back to another Korean Vocabulary with Pictures lesson! In this episode, Hyunwoo will help you learn some words we can find in a photo of teacher Seokjin. In this photo, you can see Seokjin is sitting on the bus, smiling. If there are other words that you'd like to know how to say in Korean, please let us know in the comments!

턱 [teok] = chin, jaw

볼 [bol] = cheek

어깨 [eo-kkae] = shoulder

광고 [gwang-go] = advertisement

손잡이 [son-ja-bi] = hand grip

After watching the video, be sure to say all the words in the picture out loud and try to use them whenever you can!

If you want to study more Korean vocabulary, check out “My Weekly Korean Vocabulary” at!

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