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The key to learning Korean is staying motivated enough to learn the language. At, we provide you free lessons, fun video shows, and a store section that will keep you motivated and meet your Korean learning needs.

Great news for all upper beginner and intermediate learners! We have a new video course for listening and reading:

There are many different types of private institutes and cram schools in Korea, and there seem to be more and more new types springing up. Kyeong-eun will tell you her story at a slow pace. You can also take our new video course with 6 stories in it and learn through detailed explanations!

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This video course is for beginner learners who want to improve their vocabulary and intermediate learners who want to improve their Korean listening/reading comprehension and understanding of complex sentence structures.

Inside the course, you will listen to 6 interesting stories that are told at a relatively slow pace, and then in each of the lesson videos that accompany the stories, all the sentences will be broken down and explained in detail.

▷▶︎ The topics for the stories ◀︎◁
Story 1: 김밥 - Gimbap (Picnic Food)
Story 2: 카페 - Cafe
Story 3: 학원 - Cram School
Story 4: 생일 - Birthday
Story 5: 배달 음식 - Delivery Food
Story 6: 유행 -Trends

The course contains 6 story videos in Korean (with Korean and English subtitles in closed captions), 6 lesson videos (about 30 minutes long each) and an e-book where you can read the complete set of transcripts and translations.

Take the course now here:

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