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Hey! Long time no meet-up! We haven’t had a proper meet-up in a while because we’ve been so busy, so we are very excited for this one! We will have a meet-up at 7 pm, on May 12 (Friday), 2017 at the new location of You Are Here Cafe. The new location is INSIDE the new Hapjeong Delight Square where the new Kyobo Bookstore just opened up. 
- May 12, 2017
- 7 p.m. 
- You Are Here Cafe (new location!) at Hapjeong Station (합정역) 
- The cafe is inside the indoor shopping mall that’s connected to the subway station. 
We don’t have ownership of You Are Here Cafe and we don’t make any profit out of the general sales at You Are Here Cafe : ) The cafe is now fully independently operated by our partner company, and we will only be providing them with our books so you can purchase them there and have occasional meet-ups at the venue. It’s a great place with lots of good desserts and beverages, so we hope you enjoy stopping by the place when you go to Kyobo Bookstore in Hapjeong or hang out in the Hongdae/Hapjeong area! 
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