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TTMIK Hyojin, What Does This Mean? - 2

Welcome to the second lesson in the series, “Hyojin, what does it mean?”

This question was asked by OrangeKana.

Have you heard of the expression 본방사수 [bon-bang-sa-su]? This term appeared not that long ago. You can break it into two parts: 본방 and 사수. 본방 is short for 본 방송, and this term also has two seperate parts: 본 and 방송. Here, 본 means original and 방송 means broadcast. So, 본 방송 means an original broadcast that's airing the very first time on TV, as opposed to 재방송, a rerun. And the word 사수 means to protect something at the risk of dying, since 사 means death and 수 means to protect .
So all together, 본방사수 means that you HAVE TO watch a TV show when it airs on TV for the first time. You might hear some people on TV or even some fans of a TV show use this term because only 본방 matters when they calculate the viewer ratings.
In this lesson, we also introduce words like 생방송, 녹화방송, and 닥본사.

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