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TTMIK Level 5 Lesson 13 PDF

TTMIK Level 5 Lesson 13 - Word Builder (회)

Word Builder lessons are designed to help you understand how to expand your vocabulary by learning/understanding some common and basic building blocks of Korean words. The words and letters that will be introduced through Word Builder lessons are not necessarily all Chinese characters, or 한자 [han-ja]. Though many of them are based on Chinese characters, the meanings can be different from modern-day Chinese. Your goal, through these lessons, is to understand how words are formed and remember the keywords in Korean to expand your Korean vocabulary from there.  You certainly don’t have to memorize the Hanja characters, but if you want to, feel free!

Today’s keyword is 회.

These Chinese character for this is 會.

The word 회 is related to “to gather” or “gathering”.

회 (to gather) + 사 (to gather) = 회사 會社 [hoe-sa] =  company

회사 (company) + 원 (member) = 회사원 會社員 [hoe-sa-won] = employee, worker

회 (to gather) + 의 (to discuss) = 회의 會議 [hoe-ui] = meeting

회의 (meeting) + 실 (house, residence) = 회의실 會議室 [hoe-ui-sil] = meeting room, conference room

회 (to gather) + 식 (food, to eat) = 회식 會食 [hoe-sik] = get-together dinner, company dinner

회 (to gather) + 계 (to count, to calculate) = 회계 會計 [hoe-gyeo] = accounting

회 (to gather) + 비 (to spend) = 회비 會費 [hoe-bi] = (membership) fee, (membership) dues

회 (to gather) + 원 (the number of people) = 회원 會員 [hoe-won] = member

회 (to gather) + 화 (word, to talk) = 회화 會話 [hoe-hwo] = conversation

사 (to gather) + 회 (to gather) = 사회 社會 [sa-hoe] = society

국 (country, nation) + 회 (to gather) = 국회 國會 [guk-hoe] = National Assembly

대 (big) + 회 (to gather) = 대회 大會 [dae-hoe] = competition, tournament

교 (to teach) + 회 (to gather) = 교회 敎會 [gyo-hoe] = church

동 (the same) + 호 (to like) + 회 (to gather) = 동호회 同好會 [dong-ho-hoe] = club, society

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