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TTMIK Level 5 Lesson 19 PDF

Level 5 Lesson 19 - Verb + -(으)라고 + Verb

In this lesson, we are looking at how to use the structure “Verb + -(으)라고 + Verb”. Through our previous lessons, we have learned that -(으)라고, -ㄴ/은/는다고, etc are used for quoting what something is called or what someone said. And today, let us look at how -(으)라고 is used after a verb to make an quoted imperative statement.

Verb stems ending with a vowel + -라고 + 하다/말하다/쓰다/듣다/etc
Ex) 보다 → 보라고 하다/말하다/쓰다/듣다/etc

Verb stems ending with a last consonant + -(으)라고 + 하다/말하다/쓰다/듣다/etc
Ex) 먹다 → 먹으라고 하다/말하다/쓰다/듣다/etc

보다 (= to see)
→ 보라고 하다 = to tell (someone) to look at (something)

먹다 (= to eat)
→ 먹으라고 말하다 = to tell (someone) to eat (something)

앉다 (= to sit)
→ 앉으라고 하다 = to tell (someone) to sit down

Sample sentences
1. 조용히 하라고 말해 주세요.
[jo-yong-hi ha-ra-go mal-hae ju-se-yo.]
= Please tell them/him/her to be quiet.

2. 걱정하지 말라고 했어요.
[geok-jeong-ha-ji mal-la-go hae-sseo-yo.]
= They told me not to worry.
= I told them not to worry.

3. 누가 가라고 했어요?
[nu-ga ga-ra-go hae-sseo-yo?]
= Who told you/her/him/them to go?

4. 어디로 오라고 했어요?
[eo-di-ro o-ra-go hae-sseo-yo?]
= Where did they ask you to come?
= Where did you ask them to come?

5. 효진 씨한테 주라고 했어요.
[hyo-jin ssi-han-te ju-ra-go hae-sseo-yo.]
= They told me to give this to Hyojin.
= I told them to give that to Hyojin.

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