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TTMIK Level 5 Lesson 29 PDF

Level 5 Lesson 29 / -았/었/였다고, -(으)ㄹ 거라고 / they said that they had done ..., they said that they would …

In this TalkToMeInKorean lesson, we are looking at how to say the following:
ex 1) He said that he would help me.
ex 2) They said that it would be fun.
ex 3) She said that she had studied Korean for three years.

Through some of our previous lessons, we looked at various forms used for “quoting” someone.

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And in this lesson, we are going to take a look at how to use -라고 with the future tense and the past tense. If you already know how to make a future tense or a past tense sentence, it’s very simple.

Past Tense + Quoting
Verb Stem + -았/었/였 + -다고 (+ 하다/말하다/이야기하다/듣다/etc)

하다 → 했다고
먹다 → 먹었다고
사다 → 샀다고
살다 → 살았다고
보다 → 봤다고

했다고 말하다 = to say that they did it
봤다고 듣다 = to hear that they saw it

했다고 말했어요. = They said that they had done it.
봤다고 들었어요. = I heard that they had seen it.

Future Tense + Quoting
Verb Stem + -(으)ㄹ 거 + -라고 (+ 하다/말하다/이야기하다/듣다/etc)

하다 → 할 거라고
먹다 → 먹을 거라고
사다 → 살 거라고
살다 → 살 거라고
보다 → 볼 거라고

할 거라고 말하다 = to say that they will do it
볼 거라고 듣다 = to hear that they will see it

할 거라고 말했어요. = They said that they will do it.
볼 거라고 들었어요. = I heard that they were going to see it.

Sample Sentences
1. 오늘 비가 올 거라고 했어요.
[o-neul bi-ga ol geo-ra-go hae-sseo-yo.]
= They said that it would rain today.

2. 그 사람은 내일 다시 올 거라고 했어요.
[geu sa-ra-meun nae-il da-si ol geo-ra-go hae-sseo-yo.]
= He said he would come again tomorrow.

3. 친구들이 도와 줄 거라고 했어요.
[chin-gu-deu-ri do-wa jul geo-ra-go hae-sseo-yo.]
= My friends told me that they wou

4. 생일 파티를 할 거라고 들었어요.
[saeng-il pa-ti-reul hal geo-ra-go deu-reo-sseo-yo.]
= I heard that they were going to have a birthday party.

5. 이사했다고 들었어요.
[i-sa-haet-da-go deu-reo-sseo-yo.]
= I heard that you moved.

6. 어제 그 영화 봤다고 했어요?
[eo-je geu yeong-hwa bwat-da-go hae-sseo-yo?]
= Did you say that you saw that movie yesterday?

7. 어제 친구들한테 영화 볼 거라고 했어요?
[eo-je chin-gu-deu-ran-te yeong-hwa bol geo-ra-go hae-sseo-yo?]
= Did you tell your friends yesterday that you would watch a movie?

8. 내일 다시 올 거라고 말해 주세요.
[nae-il da-si ol geo-ra-go ma-rae ju-se-yo.]
= Please tell them that I will come again tomorrow.

9. 다음 주에 끝날 거라고 했잖아요.
[da-eum ju-e kkeun-nal geo-ra-go haet-ja-na-yo.]
= You said that it would end next week, didn’t you?

10. 지갑을 잃어 버렸다고 들었는데, 찾았어요?
[ji-ga-beul i-reo beo-ryeot-da-go deu-reot-neun-de, cha-ja-sseo-yo?]
= I heard that you lost your wallet. Did you find it?

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