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TTMIK Level 5 lesson 9 PDF

TTMIK Level 5 Lesson 9 - -다가

Welcome to another exciting Korean grammar lesson! In this lesson, we look at how to use this verb ending -다가 [-da-ga]. This is very commonly used in Korean when you talk about gradual transition from one action to another or one situation to another.

When you want to say things like:

“I was on my bike and I fell.”

“I was cleaning my room when I found this.”

“She was watching a movie when she fell asleep.”




“She was studying in her room and then suddenly came up with this idea.”

you can use the verb ending -다가 [-da-ga] with the first verb.

** The subject of the sentence usually should be the same for both of the verbs.

Verb stem + -다가
가다 (= to go) → 가다가
먹다 (= to eat) → 먹다가
놀다 (= to play) → 놀다가
자다 (= to sleep) → 자다가
전화하다 (= to call) → 전화하다가

뛰다가 멈추다 [ttwi-da-ga meom-chu-da] = to be running and then stop
전화를 하다가 [jeo-nwa-reul ha-da-ga] = while talking on the phone …
전화를 하다가 잠이 들다 [jeo-nwa-reul ha-da-ga ja-mi deu-reo-sseo-yo.] = to fall asleep while talking on the phone

Sample sentences
1. 집에 오다가 친구를 만났어요.
[ji-be o-da-ga chin-gu-reul man-na-sseo-yo.]
= On my way home, I met a friend.
= While coming home, I bumped into a friend.

2. 텔레비전을 보다가 잠이 들었어요.
[tel-le-bi-jeo-neul bo-da-ga ja-mi deu-reo-sseo-yo.]
= I was watching television and I fell asleep.
= I fell asleep while watching TV.

3. 여행을 하다가 감기에 걸렸어요.
[yeo-haeng-eul ha-da-ga gam-gi-e geol-lyeo-sseo-yo.]
= I was traveling and I caught a cold.
= I caught a cold while traveling.

4. 서울에서 살다가 제주도로 이사 갔어요.
[seo-u-re-seo sal-da-ga je-ju-do-ro i-sa ga-sseo-yo.]
= I was living in Seoul and then I moved to Jeju Island.

5. 뭐 하다가 왔어요?
[mwo ha-da-ga wa-sseo-yo?]
= What were you doing before coming here?
= What is it that you were doing before you came here?

6. 집에서 공부하다가 나왔어요.
[ji-be-seo gong-bu-ha-da-ga na-wa-sseo-yo.]
= I was studying at home and came outside.
= I was studying at home before I came outside.

7. 밥 먹다가 전화를 받았어요.
[bap meok-da-ga jeon-hwa-reul ba-da-sseo-yo.]
= I was eating when I received the phone call.
= I was eating and then I received a phone call.

8. 밖에 있다가 들어왔어요.
[ba-kke it-da-ga deu-reo-wa-sseo-yo.]
= I was outside and came inside.
= I was outside before I came inside.

9. 어디에 있다가 지금 왔어요?
[eo-di-e it-da-ga ji-geum wa-sseo-yo.]
= Where were you before you came here now?
= Where have you been?

10. 일하다가 잠깐 쉬고 있어요.
[il-ha-da-ga jam-kkan swi-go i-sseo-yo.]
= I was working and now I’m taking a short break.
= I’m taking a short break from work.

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