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TTMIK Level 7 Lesson 26 - PDF

In this lesson, let us take a look at how to say “in addition to + V-ing” or “on top of + V-ing” in Korean. The structure we are looking at is “-(으/느)ㄴ 데다가".

How it is formed
“데” by itself means “a place” or “a spot” , but it is always attached another Korean word, like in “아픈 데", which means a place that hurts (on your body).

-(에)다가 means “adding to this” or “to this place” as in, “put it over here” (“여기에다가 놓으세요”) or “I left it at home” (“집에다가 두고 왔어요”).

By adding 데 to -(에)다가 , 데다가 is formed, which means “on the place of...” or “adding to the spot where...”. When -(으/느)ㄴ is used, it connects other verbs with 데다가. All together, -(으/느)ㄴ 데다가 means “on top of …” or “in addition to …”

[Present tense]
Action verb + -는 데다가
Ex) 먹다 → 먹는 데다가

Descriptive verb + -(으)ㄴ 데다가
Ex) 예쁘다 → 예쁜 데다가

[Past tense]
Verb stem + -(으)ㄴ 데다가
Ex) 먹다 → 먹은 데다가

예쁘다 = to be pretty
예쁜 데다가 = in addition to being pretty

바쁘다 = to be busy
바쁜 데다가 = in addition to being busy

비싸다 = to be expensive
비싼 데다가 = in addition to being expensive

When using -(으/느)ㄴ 데다가 in a sentence, it is usually followed by a clause that is consistent with the previous. Therefore, the two clauses in the sentence should be consistent with each other, and -도 (also) is often used in the second clause.

Sample Sentences
1. 석진 씨는 잘생긴 데다가 키도 커요.
[seok-jin ssi-neun jal-saeng-gin de-da-ga ki-do keo-yo.]
In addition to being handsome, Seokjin is also tall.

2. 효진 씨는 똑똑한 데다가 공부도 열심히 해요.
[hyo-jin ssi-neun ttok-tto-kan de-da-ga gong-bu-do yeol-si-mi hae-yo.]
In addition to being smart, Hyojin studies hard too.

3. 경은 씨는 예쁜 데다가 성격도 좋아요.
[gyeong-eun ssi-neun ye-ppeun de-da-ga seong-gyeok-do jo-a-yo.]
In addition to being pretty, Kyeong-eun also has a nice personality.

4. 이 식당은 시끄러운 데다가 맛도 없어요.
[i sik-dang-eun si-kkeu-reo-un de-da-ga mat-do eop-seo-yo.]
In addition to being noisy, this restaurant’s food is also not good.

5. 경화 씨는 친구가 많은 데다가 하는 일도 많아서 만나기 어려워요.
[gyeong-hwa ssi-neun chin-gu-ga ma-neun de-da-ga ha-neun il-do ma-na-seo man-na-gi eo-ryeo-wo-yo.]
In addition to having a lot of friends, Kyung-hwa also does lots of things, so it’s difficult to meet her.

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