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TTMIK Level 7 Lesson 13 - PDF

Word Builder lessons are designed to help you understand how to expand your vocabulary by learning/understanding some common and basic building blocks of Korean words. The words and letters introduced through Word Builder lessons are not necessarily all Chinese characters, or 한자 [han-ja]. Though many of them are based on Chinese characters, the meanings can be different from modern-day Chinese. Your goal, through these lessons, is to understand how words are formed and remember the keywords in Korean to expand your Korean vocabulary from there.  You certainly don’t have to memorize the Hanja characters, but if you want to, feel free!

Today’s keyword is 기.

The Chinese character for this is 機. There are many other Chinese characters (or Hanja letters) that are used for 기, so keep in mind that not all the words that have 기 in them have related meanings.

The word 기 (機) is related to “frame", "machine" or "loom".

기 (frame) + 계 (machine) = 기계 機械 [gi-gye] = machine

기 (frame) + 회 (to meet) = 기회 機會 [gi-hoe] = opportunity, chance

비 (to fly) + 행 (to go about) + 기 (machine) = 비행기 飛行機 [bi-haeng-gi] = airplane

기 (airplane) + 내 (inside) + 식 (food, meal) = 기내식 機內食 [gi-nae-sik] = in-flight meal

세 (to wash) + 탁 (to wash) + 기 (machine) = 세탁기 洗濯機 [se-tak-gi] = washing machine

전 (electricity) + 화 (to talk, dialog) + 기 (machine) = 전화기 電話機 [jeon-hwa-gi] = telephone

기 (frame) + 관 (relations) = 기관 機關 [gi-gwan] = organization

교육 (education) + 기관 (organization) = 교육 기관 敎育 機關 [gyo-yuk gi-gwan] = educational organization

언론 (press) + 기관 (organization) = 언론 기관 言論 機關 [eon-lon gi-gwan] = the media, the press

정부 (government) + 기관 (organization) = 정부 기관 政府 機關 [jeong-bu gi-gwan] = government organization

복 (to overlap) + 사 (to copy) + 기 (machine) = 복사기 複寫機 [bok-sa-gi] = copying machine

선 (fan) + 풍 (wind) + 기 (machine) = 선풍기 扇風機 [seon-pung-gi] = electric fan

자 (automatic, self) + 판 (to sell) + 기 (machine) = 자판기 自販機 = vending machine

계 (to count) + 산 (to count) + 기 (machine) = 계산기 計算機 calculator

발 (to generate, to develop) + 전 (electricity) + 기 (machine) = 발전기 發電機 = electricity generator
사 (to copy) + 진 (real) + 기 (machine) = 사진기 寫眞機 = camera

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