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TTMIK Level 7 Lesson 8 - PDF

In this lesson, let's look at the structure -길래 [-gil-lae]. -길래 basically expresses a reason that an action is done, but mostly when you have intentionally done something as a result of observing and judging a situation.

You can use -길래 mainly when you are talking about (1) doing something as a result of observation, (2) doing something as a result of judging a situation and (3) asking the reason/background for a decision. And since you usually talk about the reason for an action and the reason, too, the sentence is usually in the past or present tense.

Verb stem + -길래 + <result action>

1. Doing something as a result of observation

비가 오다 (= to rain)
--> 비가 오길래
--> 비가 오길래 우산을 가져왔어요.
(= It was raining so I brought my umbrella.)

맛있다 (= to be delicious)
--> 맛있길래
--> 맛있길래 더 사왔어요.
(= It was delicious so I bought some more.)

사람이 많다 (= to be crowded)
--> 사람이 많길래
--> 사람이 많길래 그냥 나왔어요.
(= There were a lot of people so I just left the place.)

2. Doing something as a result of judging a situation

비가 올 것 같다 (= to seem like it's going to rain)
--> 비가 올 것 같길래
--> 비가 올 것 같길래 그냥 집에 있었어요.
(= It looked like it was going to rain, so I just stayed at home.)

곧 문을 닫을 것 같다 (= to seem like they will close the door soon)
--> 곧 문을 닫을 것 같길래
--> 서점이 곧 문을 닫을 것 같길래 그냥 돌아왔어요.
(= The bookstore looked like it was going to close soon so I just came back.)

3. Asking the reason/background for a decision

어디에 있다 (= to be where)
--> 어디에 있길래
--> 지금 어디에 있길래 이렇게 시끄러워요?
(= Where are you now? It's so noisy (as a result of that)!)

뭐 했다 (= to have done what)
--> 뭐 했길래
--> 뭐 했길래 이렇게 지쳤어요?
(= What did you do to be so tired?)

뭐라고 말했다 (= to have said what)
--> 뭐라고 말했길래
--> 경화 씨가 뭐라고 말했길래 이렇게 신났어요?
(= What did Kyung-hwa say to make you so excited?)

Sample Sentences
1. 무슨 이야기를 들었길래 그렇게 열심히 공부해요?
[mu-seun i-ya-gi-reul deu-reot-gil-lae geu-reo-ke yeol-si-mi gong-bu-hae-yo?]
= What kind of story did you hear to study so hard?
= What did they tell you? Why are you studying so hard?

2. 어디에 가길래 그렇게 짐을 많이 싸요?
[eo-di-e ga-gil-lae geu-reo-ke ji-meul ma-ni ssa-yo?]
= Where are you going to be packing so much?
= Where are you going? You're packing so much stuff!

3. 누구를 만나길래 그렇게 화장을 열심히 해요?
[nu-gu-reul man-na-gil-lae geu-reo-ke hwa-jang-eul yeol-si-mi hae-yo?]
= Who are you meeting to be putting on so much make-up?
= Why are you making so much effort on your make-up? Who are you meeting?

4. 너무 피곤하길래 그냥 집에 있었어요.
[neo-mu pi-go-na-gil-lae geu-nyang ji-be i-sseo-sseo-yo.]
= I was too tired, so I just stayed at home.
= I realized I was too tired, so I just stayed at home.

5. 효진 씨가 스폰지밥을 좋아하길래, 스폰지를 사 줬어요.
[hyo-jin ssi-ga seu-pon-ji-ba-beul jo-a-ha-gil-lae, seu-pon-ji-reul sa jweo-sseo-yo.]
= I saw that Hyojin likes SpongeBob, so I bought her some sponge.

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