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TTMIK Level 8 Lesson 14  - PDF

Welcome to another lesson in the series, Advanced Situational Expressions. In this lesson, we are going to introduce how to agree with someone. In addition to the basic “Yes. (= 네.)”, there are a lot of expressions you can use to make your Korean more natural and fluent, so be sure to practice all of the phrases introduced in this lesson and try using them at least once, as soon as you can.

= Yes.

맞아요. / 맞습니다.
= That’s right. / That’s correct.

그렇죠. / 그렇습니다.
= That’s right. / That’s true.

좋아요. / 좋습니다.
= Good. / Sounds good. / I like the idea.

물론이죠. / 물론입니다.
= Of course. / Sure. / For sure.

= Of course!

= Sure!

바로 그거죠! / 바로 그겁니다!
= Exactly! / That’s what I’m saying!

좋은 생각이에요. / 좋은 생각입니다.
= That’s a good idea.

저도 그렇게 생각해요. / 저도 같은 생각입니다.
= I think so too. / My thoughts exactly.

그렇게 하면 되겠네요.
= That will do. / That will work.

= I got it. / I see.

그럼 그렇게 하시죠.
= Then let’s do it that way.

안 될 거 없죠.
= Why not? / There is no reason we can’t do it that way.

찬성이에요. / 찬성입니다.
= I agree.

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