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TTMIK Level 8 Lesson 28 - PDF

In this lesson, we are going to take a look at how to use the expression 불구하고, which means “despite,” “in spite of,” or “although.” It is a rather formal expression and is more commonly used in formal settings such as business presentation and speeches, but it can also be found in some news reports, dramas, or movies.

Noun + -에도 불구하고 = despite + Noun
Verb stem + -는데도 불구하고 = despite/although + Verb

Since 불구하고 is very formal, if you want to say the same thing in a less formal manner, you can just use the structure “Verb stem + -는데도” without adding “불구하고” at the end. This is only applicable to verbs.

Sample Sentences
경고에도 불구하고 전혀 달라진 것이 없어요.
[gyeong-go-e-do bul-gu-ha-go jeon-hyeo dal-la-jin geo-si eop-seo-yo.]
= Despite the warning, nothing has changed at all.
(Less formal = 경고했는데도 전혀 달라진 게 없어요.)

이미 충분히 설명을 했는데도 불구하고 아직도 모르겠다고 합니다.
[i-mi chung-bu-ni seol-myeong-eul haet-neun-de-do bul-gu-ha-go a-jik-do mo-reu-get-da-go ham-ni-da.]
= Despite having provided enough explanation, they say they still don’t get it.
(Less formal = 이미 충분히 설명을 했는데도 아직도 모르겠대요.)

그 용의자는 증거가 있는데도 불구하고 무죄로 풀려났습니다.
[geu yong-eui-ja-neun it-neun-de-do bul-gu-ha-go mu-joe-ro pul-lyeo-na-sseum-ni-da.]
= Although there was evidence, the suspect was declared innocent and was released.
(Less formal = 그 용의자는 증거가 있는데도 무죄로 풀려났어요.)

정부의 노력에도 불구하고, 물가가 계속 상승하고 있습니다.
[jeong-bu-ui no-ryeo-ge-do bul-gu-ha-go, mul-ga-ga gye-sok sang-seung-ha-go i-sseum-ni-da.]
= Despite the government’s efforts, prices are on a constant rise.
(Less formal = 정부가 노력을 하는데도, 물가가 계속 오르고 있어요.)

숙면을 취했는데도 불구하고 계속 피곤하다면, 병원에 가 봐야 합니다.
[suk-myeo-neul chwi-haet-neun-de-do bul-gu-ha-go gye-sok pi-go-na-da-myeon byeong-wo-ne ga bwa-ya ham-ni-da.]
= If you are still tired despite having had a good night’s sleep, you need to go see a doctor.
(Less formal = 숙면을 취했는데도 계속 피곤하다면, 병원에 가 봐야 해요.)

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