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TTMIK Level 9 Lesson 3

Welcome to another lesson in the Advanced Situational Expressions series. Throughout this series, we go over common situations and some of the advanced Korean expressions you can use in each of them. In this lesson, we will introduce various expressions you can use when you are unhappy or upset about something or a particular situation. 

1. 오늘 기분이 너무 안 좋아요. 

[o-neul gi-bu-ni neo-mu an jo-a-yo.]

= I’m feeling terrible today. 

= I’m so upset today. 

2. 지금 그럴 기분 아니에요. 

[ji-geum geu-reol gi-bun a-ni-e-yo.]

= I’m in no mood to do that.

3. 지금 이야기할 기분 아니에요. 말 시키지 마세요.

[ji-geum i-ya-gi-hal gi-bun a-ni-e-yo. mal si-ki-ji ma-se-yo.]

= I’m not in the mood to talk now. Please leave me alone.

4. 진짜 열 받는 일이 있었어요.

[jin-jja yeol bat-neun i-ri i-sseo-sseo-yo.]

= Something really upsetting happened.

= I’m so upset now because of what happened earlier.

5. 사람이 어떻게 그래요? 

[sa-ra-mi eo-tteo-ke geu-rae-yo?]

= How can someone be so mean? 

= How can they do that to me?

6. 진짜 어이가 없네. 

[jin-jja eo-i-ga eop-ne.]

= I don’t even know what to say. I’m so mad.

7. 저 지금 너무 화 나는데 참고 있는 거예요.

[jeo ji-geum neo-mu hwa na-neun-de cham-gi it-neun geo-ye-yo.]

= I’m so upset now but I’m trying not to show it. 

8. 진짜 속상해요. 

[jin-jja sok-sang-hae-yo.]

= I’m so upset. 

= I’m so sad. 

9. 너무 서운해요. 

= I’m so disappointed. 

10. 이번에는 믿고 있었는데 완전 실망했어요. 

= I trusted them this time but I am really disappointed. 

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