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Welcome to another lesson in the Advanced Situational Expressions series. Throughout this series, we take a look at common situations and some of the advanced expressions you can use in each of them. In this lesson, we will introduce various expressions you can use when you are worried about something or a particular situation. 

1. 걱정 돼요. 

= I’m worried.

= It worries me.

2. 불안해요.

= I am anxious.

= I feel nervous.

3. 걱정돼 죽겠어요.

= I’m worried to death.

= I’m so worried.

4. 불안해 미치겠어요.

= I’m so anxious [that] it’s driving me crazy.

5. ~할까 봐 걱정이에요.

= I am worried that ~ might happen. 

= I am worried that they might ~. 

6. ~하면 어떡하죠?

= What if ~ happens?

= What if they ~?

7. 어떻게 하면 좋죠?

= What should we do?

8. 마음이 안 놓여요.

= I don’t feel at ease. 

= I can’t stop worrying.

9. 잘 해결됐으면 좋겠어요.

= I hope the problem is solved [well].

10. 큰일이네요.

= That’s not good.

= That’s a big problem.

11. 이 상황에서 어떻게 걱정이 안 돼요?

= How can you not worry in this situation?

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