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In this lesson, we are introducing some 하다 [ha-da] verbs. When we introduced the present tense conjugation in Lesson #16, and the past tense in Lesson #17, we mentioned that 하다 [ha-da] is conjugated in a special way, because it is followed by 여요 or 였어요 even though all the other verbs whose verb stems end in ㅏ[a] are followed by 아요 or 았어요.

And there is another reason that 하다 [ha-da] is unique. It is because you can easily form new verbs by putting nouns before 하다. This does not apply to all the Korean nouns, but you can add 하다 after many Korean nouns and form new verbs. Listen in to find out how that works and leave us comments if you have any questions! 감사합니다.

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