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= to walk

= to walk to some place

걸어갈 거예요?
= Are you going to walk?

진짜 거기까지 걸어갔어요?
= Did you really walk all the way up there?

걷는 거 좋아해요.
= I like walking.

제 남자친구는 저랑 걸어가면서 다른 여자를 쳐다봐요.
= My boyfriend looks at other girls while walking with me.

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= Korean language

한국어를 배우다
= to learn Korean

한국어를 배우고 있어요.
= I am learning Korean.

한국어를 배울 거예요.
= I will learn Korean.

한국어를 배우고 싶은데, 시간이 없어요.
= I want to learn Korean, but I don't have time.

김치를 많이 먹으면, 한국어를 빨리 배울 수 있어요?
= If I eat a lot of kimchi, can I learn Korean fast?

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