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Today, in the very first Culture Talk at, we talk about the drinking culture in Korea. Some of the topics covered in this talk are drinking manners in Korea, popular types of alcohol, general prices of alcohol in Korea, substitute driver service, etc.

This talk is entirely in English, with the exception of a few Korean words. The Korean words introduced in this talk are:
소주 [so-ju] = soju
맥주 [maek-ju] = beer
막걸리 [mak-geol-li] = makgeolli
선배 [seon-bae] = someone who entered the same school or company as you, but earlier
후배 [hu-bae] = someone who entered the same school or company as you, but later
회식 [hoe-sik] = company dinner
폭탄주 [pok-tan-ju] = boiler-maker (mixed alcohol, usually of soju and beer)
안주 [an-ju] = side dishes or food for drinking occasions
숙취 해소 음료 [suk-chwi] = hangover control beverage
대리 운전 [dae-ri un-jeon] = substitute driver service

We hope you enjoy listening to this talk!
What other topics do you want 현우 and 효진 to talk about in the future Culture Talks?

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