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Korean Vocabulary Starting with "O"

What words in Korean start with the consonant "ㅇ"? Here are some of them!

안효진 [an hyo-jin] = An Hyojin
아이스크림 [a-i-seu-keu-rim] = ice cream
아이유 [a-i-yu] = IU (singer)
안성탕면 [an-seong-tang-myeon] = anseongtangmyeon (instant ramyeon brand)
악어 [a-geo] = alligator
어린 왕자 [eo-rin wang-ja] = Little Prince
여권 [yeo-gwon] = passport
염소 [yeom-so] = goat
오징어 [o-jing-eo] = squid
위 [wi] = up, above
아래 [a-re] = down, below
오른쪽 [o-reun-jjok] = right side
왼쪽 [oen-jjok] = left side
약국 [yak-guk] = pharmacy
열쇠 [yeol-soe] = key
영웅문 [yeong-ung-mun] = The Little Dragon Maiden (movie/book)
우유 [u-yu] = milk
우체통 [u-che-tong] = postbox
운동장 [un-dong-jang] = schoolyard
육포 [yuk-po] = beef jerky
은하수 [eun-ha-su] = milkyway
인사 [in-sa] = greeting
인사동 [in-sa-dong] = Insadong
애교 [ae-gyo] = acting charming

Can you think of some more? ^^

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