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TTMIK - Korean Idiomatic Expressions - 돈을 물 쓰듯 하다

You can learn idiomatic expressions that Korean people use very frequently in everyday Korean through this series. Some idiomatic expressions are easier to understand through direct translation, while some are not. Be sure to practice making sentences using the key expression from this lesson!

돈을 물 쓰듯 하다 [do-neul mul sseu-det ha-da]
= to throw money around

돈 [don] = money
물 [mul] = water
물을 쓰다 [mu-reul sseu-da] = to use water

지금 돈을 물 쓰듯 쓰면, 나중에 거지가 될 거예요. If you throw money around now, you will be a begger later

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