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What is your favorite way of taking notes? Do you prefer digital or analog? Do you usually like to take notes on notebooks with a pen like Seokjin does? Or do you like to take notes on your phone like Hyojin and Kyeong-eun does?

여러분은 메모를 할 때, 핸드폰이나 태블릿 PC 같은 디지털 기기를 사용하는 걸 좋아하세요, 아니면 손으로 직접 노트에 글을 쓰는 걸 더 좋아하세요? 

Let us know what you think in the comments! 

If you have any suggestions for what other topics we should talk about, please let us know in the comments as well!

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Do you enjoy watching Korean dramas? Even though watching TV dramas can be too much fun for you to focus on learning something, studying with phrases used frequently in Korean dramas can be very useful and effective. This lesson introduces the phrase "세상 참 좁네요."

This phrase can be translated to "What a small world!"

세상 참 좁네요.
= 세상 진짜 좁네요.
= 세상 진짜 좁다. (exclamation/casual)

세상 참 좁은 것 같아요.
= 세상 진짜 좁은 것 같아요.
= I think the world is really small.

Thanks for studying with us!

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