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What words in Korean start with the consonant "ㅎ"? Here are some of them! Can you think of some more? ^^

하늘 [ha-neul] = sky
하품 [ha-pum] = yawn
한복 [han-bok] = hanbok (Korean traditional clothes)
호떡 [ho-tteok] = hoddeok (food)
호랑이 [ho-rang-i] = tiger
휴지 [hyu-ji] = toilet paper, tissue
화장품 [hwa-jang-pum] = cosmetic
효자손 [hyo-ja-son] = backscratcher
해물라면 [hae-mul-ra-myeon] = seafood ramen
햇반 [haet-ban] = instant cooked rice
호박 [ho-bak] = pumpkin, winter squash
해치 [hae-chi] = Haechi (mascot of Seoul city)
회전목마 [hoe-jeon-mong-ma] = carousel
횡단보도 [hoeng-dan-bo-do] = crosswalk
화해 [hwa-hae] = reconciliation

Write sentences. Get corrections from native speakers. Be awesome.

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