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Korean Vocabulary with Pictures - #2 (Pencil vase, Eye brow, Bookshelf, Necklace, Desk)

In our 2nd Korean Vocabulary with Pictures video, we've identified five nouns that can be found in and around an office. These items can also be found elsewhere, but we just happened to take a picture of Hyojin sitting at her desk in the TTMIK office for this particular lesson. Enjoy the video and please leave us some comments! We love hearing from you :)

연필꽂이[yeon-pil-kko-ji] = pencil vase
책꽂이[chaek-kko-ji] = bookshelf
눈썹[nun-sseop] = eye brow
목걸이[mok-geo-ri] = necklace
책상[chaek-sang] = desk

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