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[Korean Pronunciation Guide] 설날 [seol-lal]

Learn how to correctly pronounce 설날! 

설날 can refer to both the New Year's Day in the Gregorian Calendar and the New Year's Day in the lunar calendar. The recent trend is, however, that 설날 refers more often to the lunar new year's day rather than January 1st in the Gregorian Calendar. The first day in the year in the Gregorian Calendar is often called 새해 첫날 [sae-hae cheot-nal] or just 1월 1일 [i-reol i-ril]. 설날, the lunar new year's day, is one of the top two most important Korean traditional holidays. The exact date of 설날 in the Gregorian Calendar can change depending on the lunar calendar of the particular year, but it's usually in February. The day before 설날, the 설날 day itself and the following day are a 3-day official holiday period. 

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