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The key to learning Korean is staying motivated enough to learn the language. At, we provide you free lessons, fun video shows, and a store section that will keep you motivated and meet your Korean learning needs.

Teacher Kyung-hwa answers questions by listeners about how to say certain things in Korean. Enjoy!

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Korean Vocabulary with Pictures - #8 (grocery store, motorcycle, snow, sign, winter)

In our 8th Korean vocabulary with Pictures video, Hyojin introduces five words that you can find in the picture below. Enjoy the video and learn how to say snow, winter, sign, motorcycle and grocery store in Korean! 

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If you have a Korean friend, you might have heard about a smartphone application, 카카오톡 or 카톡.

In this Ask Hyojin epsiode, Hyojin and Keith explain what "카톡해요?" means, and talk about 카카오톡 and how Korean people use the app.

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Do you know how to wish someone a happy birthday? Yes, 생일 축하해요 is the phrase. How about other types of days? In English you can just put the word "Happy" in front of most occasions, but in Korean it is done slightly differently. Find out the different in this video lesson.

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How Do You Say This In Korean? - 15 Feb 2013

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