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How do you say “I will have my midnight snack before sleeping.” in Korean?
= 자기 전에 야식 먹을 거예요. [ja-gi jeo-ne ya-sik meo-geul geo-ye-yo.]
How do you say “I can't eat yet. My mum is angry because I didn't help her cooking.” in Korean?
= 아직 못 먹어요. 요리할 때 안 도와줘서 엄마가 화났어요.
[a-jik mot meo-geo-yo. yo-ri-hal ttae an do-wa-jwo-seo eom-ma-ga hwa-na-sseo-yo.]
How do you say “Honey! I'm home!” in Korean?
= 자기/자기야, 나 왔어! [ja-gi/ja-gi-ya, na wa-sseo!] 
How do you say “Do not hesitate and do [smth] it.”in Korean?
= 망설이지/주저하지 말고 하세요. [mang-seo-ri-ji/ju-jeo-ha-ji mal-go ha-se-yo.]
How do you say “When will you graduate?” in Korean?
= 졸업 언제 할 거예요? / 졸업 언제 해요?
[jo-reop eon-je gal geo-ye-yo?] / [jo-reop eon-je hae-yo?]
How do you say "to take away" (for food) in Korean?
= 포장하다 [po-jang-ha-da]
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