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How do you say “It's none of your business.” in Korean?

= 상관하지 마. [sang-gwa-na-ji ma.]

Or 네가 상관할 일이 아니야. [ne-ga sang-gwa-nal i-ri a-ni-ya.]

How do you say “That is a little rough.” in Korean?

= (그건) 너무 심하다. [(geu-geon) neo-mu si-ma-da.]

How do you say “After you.”in Korean?

= 먼저 (__verb stem__)(으)세요. [meon-jeo (__verb stem__)(eu)-se-yo.]

How do you say “I do not feel too good today.” in Korean?

= [physically] 오늘 몸이 좀 안 좋아요. [o-neul mo-mi jom an jo-a-yo.]

[emotionally] 오늘 기분이 좀 별로예요. [o-neul gi-bu-ni jom byeol-lo-ye-yo.]

How do you say “I don't eat meat and sea food.” in Korean?

= 저는 고기랑 해산물 안 먹어요. [jeo-neun go-gi-rang hae-san-mul an meo-geo-yo.]

How do you say “How many people are you?” in Korean?

= 몇 분이세요? [myeot bu-ni-se-yo?] 

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Have you ever experienced a long-distance relationship? Many of the TalkToMeInKorean Staff either have been or are currently in a long-distance relationship, with one person in one country and the other person in another. Since this is a very common conversational topic, 석진 and 효진 decided to sit down to talk a little bit about their own experiences of dating someone who is living far away.

This e-book contains the full transcript, translation, vocabulary list as well as comprehension quizzes. The e-book is 42 pages long.

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How much tuition do university students pay in your country? As part of our "University Life in Korea" series, in this video we talk about tuition in Korea. Attending college seems to be much more expensive in the US than in Korea, but there are some interesting differences between the two countries. We only compared the US and Korea because Terris is from the US and he could give us first-hand information. We'd love to hear from our listeners in other countries! Please let us know what the cost is in your country by leaving us a comment. 

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How do you say “Your shoelaces are untied.” in Korean?

= 신발 끈 풀렸어요. [sin-bal kkeun pul-lyeo-sseo-yo.]

How do you say “I will never give up on my dream.” in Korean?

= 절대(로) 꿈을 포기하지 않을 거예요. [jeol-dae-(ro) kku-meul po-gi-ha-ji a-neul geo-ye-yo.]

How do you say “Where is the nearest washroom or toilet?”in Korean?

= 가장 가까운 화장실이 어디예요? [ga-jang ga-kka-un hwa-jang-si-ri eo-di-ye-yo?]

How do you say "I will do my best." in Korean?

= 최선을 다할 거예요. [choe-seo-neul da-hal geo-ye-yo.]

How do you say “I walk to school.” in Korean?

= 저는 학교에 걸어가요. [jeo-neun hak-gyo-e geo-reo-ga-yo.]

= 저는 학교에 걸어(서) 다녀요. [jeo-neun hak-gyo-e geo-reo(-seo) da-nyeo-yo.]

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Do you consider yourself a "fashionable" person? In this episode of TTMIK Talk, teachers 경은 and 석진 talk about what they think is a fashionable style, where they usually go shopping for fashion, as well as what kind of fashion 경은's husband likes and doesn't likes on her. 

The full transcript, translation, vocabulary list and comprehension quiz are available in the e-book. You can get it now at My Korean Store. 

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In Korea, it is very common to see university students take a year or more off and do some other things, and then go back to school. Is it also common in your countries? In this episode of Ask Hyojin, 현우, Terris, and 효진 talk about how "taking a break from college" works in Korea. 

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We introduce 7 random Korean words or phrases in  this series. In the 16th episode, 경화 and Terris went to the Seoul World Cup Station (not inside about around the stadium) to help you learn some new words and phrases! Hope you enjoy watching it! ^_^ 

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How do you say “I'm (just/so) curious.” in Korean?

= 그냥/너무 궁금해요. [geu-nyang/neo-mu gung-geu-mae-yo.]

How do you say “Do you dream often?” in Korean?

= 꿈 자주 꿔요? [kkum ja-ju kkwo-yo?]

How do you say “I'm one of the avid listeners of How Do You Say This In Korean.”in Korean?

= 저는 How Do You Say This In Korean 애청자예요. [jeo-neun HDYSTIK ae-cheong-ja-ye-yo.]

How do you ask for more of the staple items such as lettuce, paste etc at the Korean barbecue restaurant?

= 저기요. 상추/쌈장 좀 더 주세요. [jeo-gi-yo. sang-chu/ssam-jang jom deo ju-se-yo.]


How do you say “Hello. Can I speak to Mr. Lee?” in Korean?

= 여보세요. Mr.Lee랑 통화할 수 있을까요? [yeo-bo-se-yo. Mr.Lee-rang tong-hwa-hal su i-sseul-kka-yo?]

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