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How do you say “Your shoelaces are untied.” in Korean?

= 신발 끈 풀렸어요. [sin-bal kkeun pul-lyeo-sseo-yo.]

How do you say “I will never give up on my dream.” in Korean?

= 절대(로) 꿈을 포기하지 않을 거예요. [jeol-dae-(ro) kku-meul po-gi-ha-ji a-neul geo-ye-yo.]

How do you say “Where is the nearest washroom or toilet?”in Korean?

= 가장 가까운 화장실이 어디예요? [ga-jang ga-kka-un hwa-jang-si-ri eo-di-ye-yo?]

How do you say "I will do my best." in Korean?

= 최선을 다할 거예요. [choe-seo-neul da-hal geo-ye-yo.]

How do you say “I walk to school.” in Korean?

= 저는 학교에 걸어가요. [jeo-neun hak-gyo-e geo-reo-ga-yo.]

= 저는 학교에 걸어(서) 다녀요. [jeo-neun hak-gyo-e geo-reo(-seo) da-nyeo-yo.]

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Do you consider yourself a "fashionable" person? In this episode of TTMIK Talk, teachers 경은 and 석진 talk about what they think is a fashionable style, where they usually go shopping for fashion, as well as what kind of fashion 경은's husband likes and doesn't likes on her. 

The full transcript, translation, vocabulary list and comprehension quiz are available in the e-book. You can get it now at My Korean Store. 

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