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Describe This Picture is a lesson series where you can learn new vocabulary words and expressions related to a photograph. Beginner-level learners can learn new words, and intermediate-level learners can pick up new ways to describe things!


Key Sentences

바닷가에 갈매기들이 많이 있어요.
= There are many seagulls on the beach.

갈매기들이 과자를 먹으려고 몰려들고 있어요.
= Seagulls are flocking to eat the snacks.

새들이 과자를 먹으려고 입을 크게 벌리고 있어요.
= Birds are opening their mouths open to eat the snacks.

갈매기들 중 한 마리가 과자를 입에 물었어요.
= One of the seagulls has put a snack in its beak.

모래사장에 사람들이 별로 많지 않고, 아마 날씨가 추운 것 같아요.
= There are not so many people on the beach, and the weather is probably cold.

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