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I assume that we all have experienced having a song stuck in our head all day, and we can't stop singing the song. Have you ever been stressed about not being able to get a song out of your head? Have you ever tried really hard to forget the song so that you can hum another tune? Through today's News in Korean sample article, read by Kyung-hwa Sun, you will learn some ways to get that pesky tune out of your head. If you would like to receive regular updates and translations by subscribing to News In Korean, please visit

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Although some travel guides describe South Korea as a place that is just perfect and beautiful in every way, we all know that it's not really always the case. When there are good things about a place, there are also some bad things about it, too. In this episode of TTMIK Culture Ramblings, Stephanie and Hyunwoo sat down to talk about some negative experiences in Korea! For more talks like this one and for more Korean lessons, please visit our website at : )

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What did you do to celebrate Earth day on April 22? People all around the world have been observing Earth Day for more than 40 years. Now, let’s see what kinds of celebration events Korean government offices and civic organizations held this year through one of today’s News In Korean articles. If you would like to get regular updates from News In Korean, you can sign up at : )

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Do you know how to say "life" in Korean? There are sooooooo many ways to say "life" in Korean, such as 삶, 인생, 생명, 목숨, 생활, etc. One of our listeners asked teacher Kyung-hwa about the differences between those words, but don't be alarmed! It's not as complicated as you think. Together, let's figure out which word is best to use in various situations! =)

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Let's learn some new Korean words and phrases through this picture! Today we have a photo where Seokjin is serving some coffee to Joo-yeon, the newest member on our team, while she is sitting on a stool with her legs crossed and reading a book. How would you describe this situation in Korean? Let's find out through this video lesson! For more Korean lessons like this one, please visit : )

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Water is taken for granted in everyday life in many parts of the world, but a lot of places are going through extreme droughts, including California in the USA. In one of the articles for today's News In Korean delivery, we talk about the drought and countermeasures for it in California. You can listen to the sample news article recording right here, ready for you at normal speed. Receive regular updates and translation e-books by subscribing at : )

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What movie have you seen recently? Have you seen "Kingsman: The Secret Service"? In Korea, the movie has recorded over 6 million viewers and has a big influence on men's fashion. More men are interested in suits and shoes because of the movie. You can listen to a sample article about that right here and if you want to get regular updates from News In Korean, you can sign up at : )

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Do you have a blog? If so, where do you host your blog and how do you get found by people? And just as importantly, where do you go if you want to find some good blogs? In Korea, there are a couple of websites that are by the majority of people who want to find information or good blogs, and they are usually called "portal websites". Does your country have something like this too? In this episode of TTMIK Culture Ramblings, Hyunwoo and Stephanie talk about the Korean blogosphere.

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In your country, when people get married, who prepares the house for the married couple? Is it the couple themselves, or is it the parents that pay for it? In one of today's News In Korean articles, we introduce how it differs from country to country. You can listen to the sample news article at normal speed here and also subscribe on our website to receive regular news updates along with translation and vocabulary list!

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Let's describe another picture together in Korean! Thanks for all the great feedback about the format change in the last lesson. We are happy that you find this new format more useful. In this lesson, as well, we are going to introduce 5 relatively easy words and 5 difficult words, and then introduce 3 things that are happening in this photo and describe them in 3 different ways each. Wow. That's going to be a LOT of Korean knowledge. Let's get started right away!

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You probably will not be able to find how to say "friend request" in the English-Korean dictionary as well as other Facebook related phrases. ;-)
In this video, teacher Kyung-hwa explains not only how they are written on the Facebook page, but also how Korean people usually say it in everyday situations. Enjoy!

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Have you ever wondered why so many Korean middle-aged men and women wear the same hiking gear in the subway? Have you also noticed that the hiking fashion that they were is usually very expensive? In this episode of TTMIK Culture Ramblings, Stephanie and Hyunwoo talk about what seems to have become a part of the modern-day Korean culture now among middle-aged people - hiking gear.

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In your opinion, how old should someone be to be safely considered an "ajumma"? Or does someone's age NOT matter as much as the way in which someone behaves in making them an ajumma? Most women in their 30s or 40s will not want to be called an ajumma. That's for sure. In this episode of TTMIK Culture Ramblings, Stephanie and Hyunwoo talked about the term ajumma and what they think are some characteristics of ajummas.

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