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Have you ever ridden an electric car? Seoul City is planning to operate some electric taxis starting in the second half of 2015. They will first use 40 electric vehicles as taxis this year and see how it goes. The eco-friendly electric taxis will be painted sky-blue so be sure to look out for them if you are in Korea later this year! You can listen to a sample audio recording right here and sign up to receive regular updates at : )

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How often do you get to speak just in Korean for at least a few hours? Meet us and practice speaking Korean in Seoul through our personal tours. You can see the schedules and prices here:

Have you ever had taxi drivers in Korea refuse to take you as a passenger? It used to happen to a lot more people, of course including Koreans, and the main reason taxi drivers refuse to take certain passengers is because they are not going far enough distances. But this is technically illegal, and in the city of Daegu, new regulations are reportedly helping to make this happen less and less frequently.
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Have you been to Busan? If so, have you also visited the famous (or infamous) Hae-un-dae beach during its peak season? There are literally hundreds of thousands of people on the same beach at once and you can hardly walk around without stepping on someone's foot. But in one of today's news articles, we hear some good news: they've made the Hae-un-dae beach wider! You can listen to a sample audio recording right here and sign up to receive regular updates at : )

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Scientists have found that many big herbivores are endangered due to lack of food and habitats. What animals come to your mind right now? In today's News In Korean articles, we cover three news items in Korean and give you three different speeds of audio recording for each item. You can listen to a sample audio recording right here and sign up to receive regular updates at : )

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On Forbes' most recent list of the top 2,000 companies in the world, the top four companies are Chinese firms. Businesses from what other countries do you think ranked high on this list? We talk about this topic in one of today's News In Korean articles. You can listen to the sample audio recording here and subscribe to receive regular updates and translations at : )

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Let's describe another picture together in Korean! Today, we have a photo of a street where a local market is located. If you have ever visited Korea, this scene will be very familiar to you. However, this market looks much older than other markets. :) In this Describe This Picture lesson, Hyunwoo will introduce 3 relatively easy words and 3 difficult words. He will also describe 3 things happening in the photo. Learn some new Korean words and sentence structures by watching this video! For more Korean lessons like this one, please visit : )

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For all the guys out there, if you could, would you try and experience what giving birth feels like? A hospital in China is offering such a service to men who want to see what kind of pain women go through when they give birth to a child. You can read about this and study Korean with today's News In Korean article. You can listen to today's sample news recording here and subscribe to receive regular updates at : )

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Do you have a dog? A group of researchers have conducted a research and found that the communion between a dog and its owner is similar to that of a child and a parent. You can read more about this and study with an article on that topic in Korean with today's #NewsInKorean articles. Here's a sample audio recording for that news article. You can subscribe for regular updates at : )

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