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When was the last time you went to an airport? Many people will agree that just being at an airport in itself can be an exciting experience. In today's TTMIK Story Time, Jooyeon went to Incheon International Airport and tells you a story from there.

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As you've probably heard, the South Korean government raised the general cigarette price last year, and many people apparently ended up quitting smoking because of that. You can read more about this in today's News In Korean articles!

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In Korean, it is very important to know whether to talk in casual language to someone or in polite and formal language. It is always safer to go with the formal language at first, but once you get to know the other person better, you will naturally switch to casual language. In today's TTMIK Story Time, 경화 starts speaking to 주연 in 반말 (casual language). Watch this video to check what 경화 actually says to start speaking casually. 

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Many Korean couples in their middle age do not get to spend a lot of time together outside of work and parental duties. Therefore, once they reach retirement age, Many people tend to feel lonely and awkward together. Are you ready to learn some new Korean vocab words and expressions? Jump right in and listen to the free audio track for this News In Korean article!

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Time to practice your Korean listening! What's your favorite movie character? Joo-yeon LOVES Iron Man and she even has an Iron Man miniature figure always watching her from atop her computer monitor at the office.

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If you have our Everyday Korean Idiomatic Expressions book and wanted to download the audio tracks for it, we have good news for you! When we first published the book, we didn't make audio tracks for the book but we've received some requests from our students so we went ahead and made them recently.

The audio tracks for this book are going to be on the same page where you can download audio tracks for all our other books that have accompanying audio tracks:
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Do you have a pet? Hyunwoo has a little poodle that is about 4 years old and the puppy is always very excited to go outside for a walk. In today's TTMIK Story Time video, Hyunwoo shows you where he usually takes his puppy for a walk or run.

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Are you ready to learn some more fun Korean vocabulary words and expressions through today's news articles? In the sample audio track that you can listen to, we have a story on some research results that show that pigs are smarter than dogs! Find out more and read about it in Korean through today's News In Korean articles.

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Here is another episode of STORY TIME! Are you good at finding places? 여러분은 길을 잘 찾는 편이세요? Many people would say YES, even though actually some of them are not. However, in today''s video, 경은 is confessing that she is not good at finding places. Let's listen to her fun story.

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People will live longer and longer in the future due to medical breakthroughs and advances in technology, and that's not necessarily a bad thing, but as a result, we will have the problem of the aging society. According to one of the articles in today's News In Korean, Korea will be the second "oldest" country in the world in 2060.

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We had a chicken and beer (치맥) meet-up by the Han River last Friday (July 10, 2015) and had a great meeting so many TTMIK students!! 정말 반가웠어요 ^^ 


We will help you learn Korean! 


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Renting a small portion of land to grow vegetables and fruits as a weekend hobby is quite popular these days in South Korea. 경은 went to the farm where her parents grow some stuff to introduce to you some vegetables names! 


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STORY TIME! Are you ready for some more Korean listening practice? How often do you visit your friends' houses? 친구집에 얼마나 자주 가세요? In today's video, 경화 is talking about why she gets to visit her friends' houses more often these days.

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In Korea at least, you can see that a lot of people gain weight after they get married. What do you think are the reasons? We introduce an article on this topic in today's News In Korean articles!

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Have you been to a lake recently? South Korea has some lakes that are popular among travelers, and one of them is 청풍호 (호 means "lake" here). Jooyeon recently went to 청풍호 and made a quick TTMIK Story Time video about it!

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Eyelid muscles are the most active muscles in your body, but due to long hours of smart phone use and book reading, a lot of people experience their eyelids fluttering often. You can read more about this topic in Korean through today's News In Korean articles!

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By studying with Korean news articles, you can mainly improve three things: your vocabulary skills, sentence building skills, and general comprehension skills. Here's how you can improve your Korean by studying with news articles. 


If you are looking for news articles to study with at moderate length and along with audio recordings, please also check out our News In Korean program available on our online bookstore!




If you haven't watched our previous video about Korean Word Puzzles, here's the link to the video:


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What's your favorite place in Seoul? Have you been to Itaewon? Kyung-hwa went there recently and shared her thoughts about the place in today's TTMIK Story Time.  Listen to her story and check how much you understand!

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A lot of crimes used to happen in a neighborhood in Chang-won city, but they were able to reduce crime ratio by a lot by painting the alleys in bright colors and drawing wall paintings. Read more about this in today's News In Korean post!

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Have you tried wearing matching clothes with your loved one or close friends? 누군가와 ‘커플룩’을 해 본 적이 있나요? In today’s episode of TTMIK Story Time, 주연 will tell you about matching clothes that couples often wear in Korea. Listen to her story and check how much you understand!

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