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At what time do most banks close in your country? In Korea, they usually close at 4PM. But due to high competition, many banks are opening in the evening and even on weekends. You can read more about this trend in today's News In Korean articles. If you subscribe to the series, you will receive 6 short articles a week along with audio recordings in various speeds. You can subscribe on our online bookstore at

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Cheap Lunch in Seoul - What's the Price Range?

Prices are gradually going up in Seoul, but there are still many cheap lunch options if you want to save money while traveling in Seoul. We certainly didn't get to cover everything, but we hope this video gives you a general idea of how much you can expect to spend on an "relatively inexpensive" lunch. 


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Time to check your Korean comprehension skills with TTMIK Story Time. In today's video, what does Kyung-hwa say she usually does to kill time in an airplane? Watch the video find out and let us know the answer in the comments!

In today's TTMIK Story Time video, 현우 is introducing a radio studio and here is a comprehension quiz question! How many items did Hyunwoo mention? Please enjoy the video and find the answer!


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Why do you drink coffee? To stay awake? For health benefits? Because of the flavor? Many people agree on the health benefits of drinking coffee regularly, but if you drink too much coffee, it can't be good for you. We have a new article written in Korean for your Korean reading practice about this topic and exactly how much coffee is too much coffee.

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Today's Korean comprehension question! In today's TTMIK Story Time video, 주연 visited the shrine of Baeron. In the video, she said that she is not Catholic, so what brought her to this place?

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Today's Korean comprehension question! In today's TTMIK Story Time video, 경화 talks about sorting through her earrings. How long has she been trying to sort her earrings and based on what characteristic?

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A lot of people are reportedly suffering from chronic fatigue in Korea, and as a result there are many services that cater to people who are tired. Read about this in today's News In Korean post!

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When was the last time you visited Korea? And what did you do on your trip? In today's TTMIK Story Time, 주연 is talking about her friend's trip and what he did.

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Food prices in South Korea are generally inexpensive compared to other goods and services, but that is gradually changing due to many reasons. In today's News In Korean, you can study with an article about why vegetable prices are increasing in Korea.

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If there is an escalator and the stairs, which do you usually take? In today's TTMIK Story Time, Hyunwoo talks about how he thinks that escalators in Korea are generally slower than those in other countries.

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